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Womens Football Media Rights

It is important to promote the game and get as much quality action into the public eye as is possible.
If your club has not agreed an exclusive media rights arrangement, your club should be free to include any match or other women's football footage you like in your and other TV Channels.
At the time of originaly writing (July 2003) the The FA takes the position that any regular TV Channel can show up to 3 minutes of highlights of any match free of any restriction or charge. This relates to specific FA competitions where the FA wishes to retain the TV media rights to the entire game, for example, the Women's FA Cup.
It is unlikely that the FA would attempt to stop clubs wishing to include more than 3 minutes of FA compeition matches where there would not otherwise be match TV media exposure, to do so would be a restrictive and oppressive to the women's game as a whole and the club concerned. There is no harm in telling the FA in writing what is proposed in advance, for example, to show longer highlights of a key club game, then see if they object.
Historicaly Women's clubs joining the FA's Premier League have not been subject to media rights restrictions in the league rules terms and conditions (as published in the FA's own Premier League Handbook 2002-2003).
If Sky TV came along and paid your club for the exclusive right to show your entire game, then you might not be able to include match material from the same game in your or any other TV Channel (subject to the deal small print).
If your club is limited by some agreement to the video it can use, this will normaly apply to certain complete games covered by the agreement and may not restrict the general freedom to show three minutes of highlights.
If you have concerns about media rights, email wvpTV.co.uk who may be able to help.
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