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Womens Football Interview Technique

Using just about any video camera you can produce suitable quality video for your TV Channel.
Here are some tips for those new to shooting video with camcorders.
The following tips are general and some may not be appropriate. Always be sure you know and understand your camera makers guidance and instructions. Most camera makers have websites which provide usefull information.
Interviews can be the most difficult to get right, some tips are:  
  • Communicate with the person being interviewed in advance and encourage them to feel confident and relaxed. Going over what you are going to do before hand can be important.
  • It can help make an interview flow better and free of frequent “erm’s” if the person being interviewed (the subject) already knows and has had time to think about the questions that will be asked.
    When possible it can be a good idea to give inexperienced subjects the question area before hand so they have time to think about it.
    Often there may only be a few minutes available to grab an interview and there may be no time to talk about or organise it first.
    It can help to ask a few general questions to start with which cover the areas of interest, these first questions can act as a rehearsal, more specific questions can follow to which better answers may be given, you can then just edit out the unwanted bits.
  • If you are looking for a shorter interview suggest a time limit of half what you want, people will often speak for twice as long.
  • Sometimes scripts or prompts are used, you may have seen TV people using large flip charts held behind the camera to help.
  • The interviewer should be about the same distance from the microphone as the subject, if one is much quieter than the other change the distance.
  • When shooting get as close as you can with the camera, otherwise sound quality may suffer and any background noise may cause problems. Some cameras have a headphone socket and volume control so you can hear what the camera is picking up. Many cameras will automatically boost the quieter sounds in-between the louder sounds so some background sound can get louder.
    If there is too much background noise you may have to move to another location or wait till it passes or consider using a hand held or tie clip microphones if your camera allows them to be plugged in.
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