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The most important thing is to create TV Channel files that the viewer can see reasonably quickly, not everyone benefits from high speed broadband.
Long waits for video to arrive will not encourage viewers.
Video files need to be as small as possible to view quickly while at the same time providing enough picture and sound quality to make your TV channel worth viewing.
In the beginning it is a good idea to keep your TV channel video short. Think of the way regular TV ads get their message over in a short time while grabbing attention. If you can keep your TV Channel videos around 3 minutes viewers will be able to see them relatively quickly and interest will develop from there. As your audience grows you can gradualy increase the length of your TV Channel video.
The following Web Video formats have been selected because they are widely available and supported on all known systems.
We recommend you use the following common Web Video format for your WSS LiveNews TV Channel files if working from UK standard video formats (4:3 PAL). You may have need to change the related settings for Wide (16:9) or HDV source material, it should be no wider than 176, so reduce the height as appropriate.
WSS LiveNews Video Format
This format can be viewed relatively quickly requiring a relatively short download time even for dial up web users. This format is best for interviews where there is little movement. Match or fast action will require higher quality formats (see below).
Disk space required on your PC: around 17 KB per second of video
Video software settings:
Video size: 176 x 144
Compression method: Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec V2
Video frame rate: 10 (or 12.5) frames per second
Video data rate: around 14 KBytes/sec (112 Kbits/sec)
Audio quality: 11khz 8bit mono
Advanced video settings:
Keyframe every: 1 second
Smoothness - Crispness setting: 50
Data rate: 112 Kbits/sec

For Free help click here to
 email wvpTV.co.uk  and provide your daytime telephone if any, best time to contact and the problem you need help with.
When you have created your TV Channel video file all you need to do is to upload it to our website with the correct file name, the TV Channel system will automatically do the rest.
Your TV Channel will appear on all other participating websites with the LiveNews system so a wide audience get to see what you show, this will help attract and encourage public interest, match attendence, sponsors, advertisers and the media.
Higher Quality Web Video
Technology now enables near TV quality video over the internet with little download time for High Speed Broadband users.
wvpTV.co.uk provides numerous Video Servers for Women's Football TV, all registered Women's clubs are welcome to include their women's football related content.
wvpTV.co.uk is developing ultimate revenue opportunities for Women's Clubs including Web TV Sponsorship, Advertising and DVD compilation production to benefit all participating clubs. To acheive this we need to grow the women's football TV audience and the number of participating clubs so it becomes more attractive to major advertisers and sponsors.
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